Friday, December 31, 2010

bye 2010!

it's been a while! 2010 passed by really quickly since work started and now blogging seems like such an ancient thing...

for tradition's sake, the 10 best things of 2010....
(an coincidentally, all these happened AFTER point number 1)

1. being over and done with mbbs
2. having a brand new niece
3. going to africa (now see points 4 and 5)
4. climbing a mountain till my legs were about to fall off
5. seeing the best sunsets Ever at the Serengeti
6. starting work (haha i might have to rethink this) and meeting a whole buncha cool people
7. having leave! :D
8. being thanked by grateful patients! :)
9. quitting my tv addiction (yeah right)
10. having really great company whenever Somebody isn't overseas

hai. such lacklustre blogging... time for a break.

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