Thursday, June 17, 2004

before you, i hated him

i really hate it when people take whatever they have for granted. not to say that i never did that before - bleah but at least i feel very bad for taking things for granted and try to change. what about him? it's appalling how he can just sit in the house, bum around, guzzling money like nobody's business, and still have the cheek to face anyone. grrr *scowls* i hate him for stressing other people, for worrying them to death about the future and for being so inconsiderate. don't know what to do about it... i may turn out worse. please shoot me if i become a slob living off other people (now's not counted!) with no desire to start doing anything about it. maybe it's not for me to judge, but i can't help it. it's also probably wrong for me to say anything too... argh.

took out stitches today. at first i saw a syringe full of green stuff that looked like gum-number/whatever and i thought he would at least make me senseless =p but nooo, he just said open your mouth, snipsnip and to my horror just started pulling the threads out! ouch. but it's all good now. had to miss judo bbq for that though. then again, i don't think going back to ri would've done me any good. if anything i'd probably have another nightmare tonight if i did go back.

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