Friday, June 18, 2004

wonder why we tried, for things that could never be
play our hearts lament, like an unrehearsed symphony

been selfish, please slap me. obsessing about myself so shamelessly, so publicly. it's like in OBS, gene or maybe someone else, said even if you think you're tired and aching, someone else is always feeling worse than you. so don't complain, ever. yup i shall shuddup and take a nap. yoke is right - if i don't sleep at all, i'll have much more time =) today so psyched up! did chem from past midnight, started with energetics (remind me i left out chem bonding so must go back to study that later) and finished periodicity by 11 in the morning. naps are useful too, you wake up with answers to stuff you were wondering about before... cool huh.

to digress... i wonder why people who are older are so much wiser. for some reason i feel so childish next to rad haha, and even more puerile when tabi recounts her experiences. anyway i don't know how to deal with sad things, i avoid then talk about it much later, so it won't be so bad anymore, cos time does wonders. i'm less forgetful than i look though haha, and i warn you i am more than slightly paranoid. for now we should all pray hard and hope for the best. unlike everyone else, these are the times i find my faith so hard to hold on to.

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