Tuesday, June 22, 2004


felt real productive when i got to school, sat down opposite hon and took out quantum physics notes. the reality wasn't so good though haha. only finished everything on quantum at 1 plus. that included about 1 hour of waiting for serene to come back with food and another hour of hon and i giving each other meaningful looks while sighing everytime we turned around and saw this j1 couple being so sweet together.. haha cannot talk about it, or we'll go on forever about wanting that too and how fortunate and rare it is to find 2 consenting people mututally in love. hm it's really very good studying in school with 412 ppl but i was rather hoping my touch juniors would train today... felt like running away all the accumulated fats. hon let me listen to this damn nice song! by john mayer, comfortable. but it means almost nothing to me, just a glimmer of hope somewhere in there. perhaps one day la.

i wanna go for plastic surgery! not my face, though i can think of all the things i want to change. my knees. i so wanna get rid of all the shit scars that i got. both from south africa's sun hotel's wave pool. the waves were really really big and i was really really small and i just got swept away and somehow the current crashed me into the very sandy floor. lucky it wasn't my face haha. my mum says okay. perhaps one day la.

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