Monday, June 21, 2004

yay emily had such an adventure today! :) after a boring lesson at charlie chan's, home to wait for lunch with darling jo and a new set of school uniform. brought math to mug (urgh i'm only at partial fractions.. unbelievably slow) and a handmedown digicam and was whisked off to a whole new world.

let me tell you, hc is a mother big school, not small and homely like rj, especially the spanking new library which is where i settled for a few hours, next to jo who kept taking pictures of her middle finger and her supposedly cute self studying. right. walked around the library and saw that rj j3 councillor who looks like he's 40 years old. he was in a hc uniform and he was plenty amused when he looked up and saw me prancing around in a skirt many many many sizes too big for me and a shirt i was swimming in. we were like stupid tourists taking pictures outside the library haha. good nonsensical fun :) i looked fat! =( cos i had to roll up the skirt (cos it was wayyy too long and wayyy to loose) and it bundled around my waist like a beer belly. wah. that's why i've decided to not drink so much beer. and do you know that there is an ice cream vending machine! wah lao, i want! but not enough coins so didn't get to see it in action. oh i need a calculator! mine fell 4 storeys, from my arms, it flew (!) on to the floor outside the library which i think has a lot of bounciness to it, and off a ledge all the way down to the ground floor. lcd screen is gone so that's the end of it =( what a nice day, i wish i had adventures everyday. i love exploring and going to new places. if jo were a guy and if i were in love with jo (male version) it'd be a rather perfect date =p that concludes the adventures of the short one.

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