Sunday, June 20, 2004

a little bit of Truth

in a poetic mood. not that i am, i'm anything but. but i like poetry :D here's a little bit of Truth.

i wonder if the words that soothe
lead us to Paradise
or if the nature of the truth
would permit only lies

i always wished for someone to write something cool about me. and someone did, just that i was blind. i only realise it now, when and why those were written. before hawaii, at the esplanade library, after that hc chinese drama. i can't believe i was in love and gave it all up for this. what a waste, giving up possibly the only person who'll love me truly, deeply. just for a stranger a little older, a little cooler, a little crueler than everyone else. ah crap, no wonder i like dreaming. nowadays it's just nightmares though. off to pack junk food into my bag hoho. crashing jo's place, but bringing food. what a polite guest i am =)

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