Saturday, June 26, 2004

everything's relative

it's a family tradition to hand down things we don't use/fit into anymore. the natural order of things go from the eldest child to the middle child and then lastly to the baby. but after 18 years of being in my family, there's nothing else to conclude except that we are odd. handmedowns don't go the way they should here in the namly residence and the wrong people end up at the wrong end of the food/cloth/book chain; we're more of a dysfuntional food/cloth/book web =)

when we clear out books, my kor's A level books are placed on my shelves, my secondary school stuff goes to david (my little brother) and the next day david's comics mysteriously migrate to kor's room. even stranger still is how clothes go. being the only girl you'd expect me to not receive any clothes from my big brother, but not in this household. david has a girth way wider than anyone's so no one actually can pass him any clothes - in fact he's always being forced to throw out his old comfy shirts especially when he starts to look like winnie the pooh in them. i like inheriting and wearing my big brother's berms/shirts cos he's got okay taste, albeit they keep falling to my hips/off my shoulders. my big brother manages to illegally reposseses those damn nice dry-fit nike shirts my parents buy for david. and david doesn't really mind cos he still likes those old comfy shirts that have ten thousand holes in them, except that time a particularly nice shirt flew to australia with kor and david had to go a few months without it. boy, so i now have a whole new wardrobe today cos of a big clean up going on before renovations on david's room start. hm, looks like i need to stop getting involved in these relatively inane activities and resume mugging. cya.

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