Friday, June 25, 2004


feels like saturday cos of all the busy-ness. went to tabi's house, so exciting, her bed is SQUARE! =) today it dawned on me, or rather daph told me, that most normal beds are bigger than what i know of. mine is apparently below average size, no wonder kang was complaining...hmpf pffft =p but i still have lotsa space to toss and turn in, and it fits at least 3 non-lesbian girls quite nicely. by now i hope you've figured that i'm rambling. and oh oh i rode with tabi :D! my god, wahhh so thrilling ! even though it was for such a short distance haha - maybe 50m? it's hm, like a very fast bicycle... erps O_o i don't think we were going at all fast haha. bleah bad part was that i had visions of flying off the seat due to gravity gone awry =p or something like a big dumb cement mixer ploughing into us (choy!) like once upon a time in primary 5 *shudders* what year was it that we read a wrinkle in time for english? hm nvm. it's too long a story (not a wrinkle in time)

oh dear i discovered that i have no sense of balance. since i reached bedok mrt, up till now, i'm still feeling woozy... when i lie down it goes away a bit but when i sit up it feels like a cruise ship is tilting and i've to physically slant myself to achieve equilibrium. and i'm on solid ground! wth. whatever, hope it goes away by tomorrow or i'll really get land sickness. wth.

woohoo i wanna study in england! =) dunno where that came from haha.

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