Thursday, June 10, 2004

sleepover last night. we played cards and told each other's fortunes.

amazing how inaccurate these things can get, yet i still am badly affected by it and quite mesmerised by the fact that some people's names coincide with the most exciting fortunes =p i'm supposed to have an affair with someone tall, dark and handsome (or he's supposed to have an affair with me), and that someone with a short tongue's a good kisser, and that right now a girl wants to be with me most.

today i talked to an old friend. long lost but still the same essentially. good to know that good old friends really are good =) it just made my day that there was even a reply, and it made me wanna jump up and down like a crazy lunatic when there was more than a sliver of warmth in the messages. yay.

but i lost a dear today. officially it's over. i thought there were lingering sentiments, but if you say no, then i can't do anything right. ha i always thought that was a lousy attitude to take, that you should just die trying to chase after what you want, not just give up as though noone meant anything to you. i hate the way you say oh well and shrug, as if one year didn't mean anything. i felt guilty, but now i feel angry and irritated at you. don't bother, i'm a girl i can't explain myself properly.

lemme tell you the stupid thing i did today and yesterday! i cut my hair with a scissors in my bathroom. no one really notices cos my hair's really very messy. it's quite therapeutic and rather addictive. if i don't watch out i'll keep cutting it and it'll be gone by the time term starts haha...

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[christina] said...

nice blog- love your wallpaper! enjoy what's left of the hols too, bleagh >.<
- chris