Friday, June 11, 2004

so much for my happy ending

it's so nice to hug sunny. she doesn't push you away and you can feel she appreciates it.

guess i was wrong about there being hope. pushed away by 2 people in one day is enough to kill me.
just avoiding the problem isn't the way to go. if you have something to say just tell me and i'll accept it, don't go around being so cryptic please, i always understood you but this time i want a definite answer.

i've wronged you, you have the right to ignore me and settle your own business. if you're over i'm over, just don't make me hurt anymore.

so much for my fairy tale. my friend jm said good things are worth waiting for. that's optimistic, it's like saying that the best is yet to be and just sit still waiting for gold to fall into your lap. but for now, it's not important, i must be a sensible girl and study hard. hope it'll take my mind off things. what can i say, thank god for friends.

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