Sunday, July 11, 2004

balcony scene

just spiderman2-ed. fantastic. haa it's actually v scary =/ tired out from the whole day out. bio prac was good, as in for revision, not to mention that for once i knew wth i was looking at. eyes dying though.
went all the way to hougang from rj, the ride was terrible cos this person who smoked came and sat next to me on 156, my most hated bus. watching judo was saddening. that i gave up but ya, priorities, and stuff. cried when juline played (her uchimata is super sei!) and teared after i saw jm and sixuan lose their first bouts. thank goodness for fighting spirit and repecharge =) that's when/if you lose to someone, and if that guy makes it to the finals, you have another chance to play for 3rd/4th placing. quite strange, can see why yun thinks round robin's better. but this has its merits yes no yes? =) hm now i'm missing mrs tan (sec4 chem teacher) can we hurry have 412 day again!
wanna sign up for real run, just for the dryfit shirt =p alternatively, if you wanna make me very happy you can GIVE me one. please? :)

haa... bit high now =)
guys are good at losing weight, sometimes that's good for girls too ;) arggghhh can't stand it. standing at the balcony, chaos all over, other people standing right next to me, but there's just something about you that draws me in and blocks out the rest of the world. feels right no matter where, or when, or how. if you stand i can stand with you forever, if you sit i'll be next to you till the bench disintegrates, if you walk i'd be willing to give up my comfy bed and sofa just to be able to be there with you. haiiiiii, i think this is far worse than when i was in rgs. help!
on the other hand, you've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion but i swear that you've got me all wrong. heh, maybe you haven't got looks hahaha crap =p nite

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