Friday, July 09, 2004

she had a history of killing herself, i had a habit of dying

daryl walked with me to jelita but got off after a few stops and left me all alone.

night turned to day, and in a nanosecond (which, according to dr charlie chan, is defined as Immediately) was consumed into darkness again. lightning struck. it had struck right before me, hit a tree half a metre ahead. stopped and turned around to see the tree living just fine, shrugged and tried to walk on. but something tugged on my ankle and i succumbed to it. as i stood rooted, i saw the ghost of myself step away from the tree and happily carry on walking home, cross the road and ring the doorbell.

and then the wind whispered that i'm the ghost, not her. *shudders*

past the swimming pool, the dustbin gate, the tennis courts and across the small road leading out of tchs next to the big empty field. there's a small tree planted along the road, its roots meant to trip unsuspecting passersby. there's something wrong with that tree. or there's something wrong with my eyes =) all cos i walked home from tchs bus stop, and for some reason there aren't many street lamps along one side of the road - gives the place a rather e e r i e feel provided you've got nothing better to do than hallucinate, if the night breeze times itself just right to chill you to the bone, and if there aren't any cars zooming past. tonight was particularly strange. eeeek creepy :/:\:|

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