Friday, July 23, 2004


yay! so happy! congrats to the champions =) that's for both guys and girls; we really didwin that silver and i'm extremely proud to say that.
cried during and after every match, probably soaked yunlei's school uniform haha and shouted from 2 to 5 till clara noticed that my voice disappeared. bah. it's better now but the annual coughalot-marathon has started. dunno why i get this horrible cough every year, and it lasts for a few weeks before passing. i'm sick of telling people that i'm not sick, i've only got a mysterious cough.
debrief was cool, mr tan reminded us that we've improved tremendously and though we didn't get gold, no one can take away the 2 years of training. then took a tonne of photos with everyone including the rgs girls. spastic guys all posed with their hand resting on my head cos i'm so short compared to them =p
then off to j8 pastamania to feast on, really, a LOT of pasta and pizza. ate till i was so sleepy that i slept during the first part of the movie. went upstairs to buy tickets for i robot and ended up sitting on the floor right next to the queue for tickets. played stupid game of scissors paper stone and embarrassed myself sufficiently haha =p justin and elena had very perplexed looks.
ah yes, i robot (as opposed to king arthur) is a damn good show! maybe it was the very enthusiastic company la, but i think the show's quite worth your money. ya hard to fall asleep cos it was very noisy and scary and jm kept gushing about how cool it was. and we had yoghurt in the middle of the movie, dunno who bought and we just dug in. and bishan's cinemas are quite good leh, the leg space was very wide (i couldn't rest my legs on the front seats) and the chairs are very nice. ladida, very glad i chose to watch it =) and then got home safely. eme's very gentlemanly! made me message him when i got home even after seeing me get into the cab. what a nice friend =) see, this is what guys should do!
and so now i'm sleepy cos i only got home at 1130 and slept at 1 cos was trying to do chem. hm. oh just now i walked back to rj and stopped by to look at the touch ruggers training. hai could recognise tabi with her hair from so far way (hasn't really grown back to the way it was... looks haha, spunky, for lack of a better adjective) miss it all...
what are you doing to me? what am i trying to do with you? what am i doing to myself? hai. going to sleep. night

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