Tuesday, July 20, 2004

how things have changed

folded up my gi for the last time and regret not going for the last training tomorrow. i know why i'll regret but i also know why i'm not going so... to cheer myself up, i know everyone'll be going back to ri on thursday to debrief and celebrate after winning the goldS so i can go back and take photos with everyone then =)

haha, d is for bio. actually was happy that only one/two people got A for bio, and that only xinxia got B in my class which means everyone didn't do very well either (definition of well is at least 10 As for my class) but it's quite sad since i'm sure everyone tried very hard. strangely enough i failed every single question except the crappy essay part =p lucky me still passed haha.

left stupid file in school so walked from blk11 to rj. suffered from severe air pollution cos of the sheer number of vehicles spouting exhaust like nobody's business. next time, i don't want a car i want a *bicycle! =) then walked all the way to jelita to meet mum to buy groceries. she bought me this damn cute baby tigger that i've been infatuated with since forever *happy* i remember when i was in primary school we'd go to jelita cold storage then go upstairs to this pharmacy that sold quite a lot of soft toys for a pharmacy. she'd buy me little winnie the pooh toys till i collected one entire set, and damn nice teddy bears and stuff if she's in a pampering mood. that happened quite a lot, was really a very blessed child *contented grin* shall go snuggle up with a few tonight...

*everyone i've said this to thinks i'm crazy... is it really that silly?

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