Wednesday, July 28, 2004

good advice that i never take

started out a good day, with promise of an early day and some mugging time before the oxbridge talk. turned out like crap when studying become stoning and the bearer of bad news came to tell me, yes you guessed it, bad news. it's probably not fair to blame you, but can't help feeling stubborn about this since it does concern the happiness of my entire life and all you do is try to protect me from godknowswhat. who knows, it could ruin me and change me forever. when i see something i like, i don't like to settle (perhaps it's cos i did before and it's not a good thing) and i will not give up (perhaps it's cos i did before, and it was a terrible waste) and i don't feel like listening to good advice. perhaps your perspective is different from mine, cos from where i'm standing it doesn't matter who says what about me, as long as i don't hear about it, and as long as i'm happy with my position. the thing is, even though i can guess what you're not telling me, i couldn't change even if my life depended on it. i'm not like you, i can't choose who i feel for and i don't think of the future as practically as you do. i don't know what i'll do when i see you at school tomorrow but if i don't seem glad to see you, don't worry it'll pass in a few days. as i always say, i don't friend you anymore, but please know that as it always is, i will always be your friend.

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