Friday, July 30, 2004


your lips are sweet as candy
the taste is on my mind
girl you got me thirsting
for another cup of wine
i got it bad for you girl
but i don't need a cure
i'll just stay addicted
and hope i can endure

hahaha today was so fun! except chem prac which totally killed the mood. had an interesting break, with crispy noodles and sx's 1.99 euro wine (10%) all consumed in the last 2 minutes, before the bell started ringing. and after which i lost all sense of judgement and had to go for a spasticated complicated irritating phys pract test. haha oscillations. crashed into the stupid ruler and clamp - i really thought i was shorter. and everyone was blaming sx for giving me alcohol at 11 in the morning but it's really not his fault. i just turn red and go a bit (more) blur haha

last bio s! was fun cos we didn't do anything but sit, eat, talk and more sitting eating talking. 3i was a bit high, even without alcohol haha. maybe it's cos $60 can buy lots of food from cold storage =) oh yes, with the help of sx's muscles and sau's money from chanty. oh so cute! sx and sy. hahahaha recently everyone's been matched made with everyone, and it's largely entertaining to see how repelled they are towards each other. very cute! =) okay goodnight!

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