Saturday, July 31, 2004

vroom vroom, vodka anyone?

yay! think the only 3 people damn psyched up are yun hon and i. after piling into the backseat of kai's brother-in-law's convertible, we're all convinced that life will be damn exciting with one of our own. the way the wind blows through your hair, and the life that you breathe in when you turn corners is just terrific =) and it's not enough to just sit in on, you must OWN it, or at least own the person driving it =p but sadly, some vain guys are too scared their hair will be messed up so i guess i'll hafta buy one myself, when i start making money

happy birthday kai! and (belated) to jennie too! the punch [that we made!] was fantastic and we should do it again with more nata. meeting everyone's bfs was kinda cool. mag is so lucky! =) once again hon and i were *awww*ing and wishing we had something like that too. coffee bean cake was nice enough but i think kai's fish and chips were really well done... congrats to jon who'll get to enjoy more of her cooking haha. oh yes happiness in orchard road. for once a successful shopping trip. bought kai's stuff and yun mascara-ed my eyes which didn't look significantly better, and painted my left fingernails 5 different colours. got jennie's somewhat strange slippers - they're for men but they look so girly. value added some more, since we managed to even buy stuff for jo (!) are you reading this? let's study together one day and i can give you the funky thing we bought for you.

oh yes, this is horribly chronologically challenged but college day was quite okay. woke up so early but it was nice to see ex 412-ers collecting prizes, except mag lee *shakes head* that girl ar. the bio teachers (carlyn lee and chanty) kept talking to me and encouraging me to go eat. so i did =) durian crepes were nice and hot... even sunny the durian hater ate it and liked it. haha so high... very full, but happy =) goodnight!

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