Monday, August 02, 2004


hello everyone! let's go and watch *fireworks* this sunday! it's free and it's not hard to get to the singapore river/anywhere around there so must go okay. hai. wish i had a boyfriend to go with =p just kidding, any bunch of nice people can make the evening splendid.

last night was fantastic. first we thought there was gonna be big traffic jam but there wasn't. then this horrible waitress refused to let us have dinner in the restaurant cos it was full (full according to her means empty) but it was all good cos later we had a damn good free buffet while waiting for the president (yay i saw the president! haha i dunno what's so good about it but it's still exciting to see someone famous) to come launch the "celebrate singapore" dunnowhat. nvm the nicest part was the fireworks! 10 minutes of explosions in the sky, amazing pyrotechnics... just wow-ness. dying to go again next week =)

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