Monday, August 09, 2004

five stars arising

yay goh chok tong waved to me! =) he actually waved back to this crazy girl standing at her gate! he had a very amused look though... haha gabriel couldn't understand why i was so happy, i also dunno why. maybe it's cos he waved to me first before waving to the rest of singapore. maybe it's cos someone famous waved to me and it's always very fun to be waved (and smiled) at =p

sinusoidal waves.
thrilled. fireworks were great last night, too bad everyone v-ed me. yoke and i had fun getting squashed and being blocked by tall palm trees. it's just very nice to look up and not see just black.
great sense of disappointment. not getting an immediate response is always disheartening.
:) ! very fun to tease, especially when you think things can't get any worse, laughing can just make it all better. i wonder if we should all just not raise our expectations so high, then we'll forever be easily amused.
=( waiting is irritating. i want to sleep but it's keeping me awake. i'm looking for something i can't have. i want something i'm not sure if i'll still want if i can have.
damn scared that if/when it comes down to just the 2 of us, i'll chicken out. just like i did for everyone else. really, everyone
hai, you never read this, you never talk to me, you never think of me. but i miss the times when we could talk about everything or nothing, when we weren't anything, and could still like we were something. haha. crap. i hate this. goodnight.

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