Saturday, August 07, 2004

orange jasmine

fireworks are lovely; they cheer everyone up. how can you possibly be angry/upset with all the nice lights in the sky? i hope all my favourite people will be there to watch with me tomorrow =) jay chou's new album isn't as good as his 3rd or his 2nd or his 1st. so thank you jm for lending it to me so i wouldn't have to waste money on it. it's only got 10 tracks and i only like 3. haha sound so childish. did you know that people actually use virtual reality to cure whatever phobias they may have? there's a programme called "chocolateworld" where the patient, while dying of pain from an ongoing surgery, enters a room with this mother yummy choc bar and as he bites into nothing but air in real life, in virtual reality bite marks appear on the chocolate bar and you actually feel less pain. wow :D

upon trying to start writing a personal statement, a niggling thought exploded in my head. it's been there ever since we had to do silly national education surveys blahblah, and it's not really been of direct influence on me, so it only remained a niggling thought. do we actually mean what we say on survey forms? of course if they ask you if you'd stay and defend your country you'll say yes because that's what they want to hear, right? how then do the people analyzing our answers actually know who mean what they say and say what they mean?

if everyone just says what they ought to, then won't everyone be the same? if the majority proclaim to be the most well-rounded persons, with wonderful grades and a great personality (right.) in their personal statement, then what about honest people who confess to be flawed, to be weak somewhere or another. just wondering. what on earth should i write to make them want me? the future looks rather bleak. bleah. now back to trying to start to do stuff. haha. always trying to start, never really starting.

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