Monday, August 16, 2004

happiness! =)

what a wonderful day!
despite there having been another spate of locker break-ins, and poor sau's belongings stolen (including my addidas jacket which i actually picked up from the floor last time so haha nvm) and despite there being a chem test tomorrow. serene thain i love you will you marry me :D dya know what that dear girl did? she gave me her navy waterbottle! ooh yes happiness! nice conversation last night (and last last night too) about how no one's gonna marry anyone. whee~* if you don't get it nvm. gushed to yunlei the whole of pe break haha... think she's a little sick of me now. yesyes more happiness =) then got tabi and rad's postcard to remind me to study hard and wish me good luck. heh it's very apt cos the postcard's got 2 alarm clocks in the front. not much time left hai... but still, it was a wonderful day =)

oh! oh! yesterday was also kinda nice... saw someone walk past my house. made me smile. but that's all. and my nice dad gave me his shirt! the shirt that made him look young (huilin thought he was my brother... woah) i think i'm getting into the habit of saying the opposite of what i really mean. bleah.

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