Friday, August 20, 2004


230pm. drank about three quarter of a cup of kopi-o from the stall 1 auntie.
4pm. almost cried in chem lab cos of the stooopid titration that i had to repeat another 2 times in front of mr yeo. bah. i'm going to die during prelims. i'm going to throw away my old fungus-ised test tubes and buy new ones for prelims.
6pm. gossip! ha. felt so good to just say things unrelated to exams. it's like the touch rug dinners that i miss. it's like the 412 gatherings that seem to be so few and far between these days. miss you people.
10pm. still hyper and adrenaline-d. everything seems to be moving too slowly and my muscles are getting very twitchy. goodness, can someone remind me to never try to drink so much coffee. or can someone volunteer to jump about with me when i'm hyper next time. or in case this caffeine thing doesn't wear off, jump around with me tomorrow =p oh oh met derek! he's got a nice name so i shall forgive him for saying i look like one of the integrated programme students in nj. bah.

libraries are quite good to study in. that's If you have a good study partner (e.g. jm, jeremy, girls) who doesn't make you want to talk/listen forever and ever *sighs* it was extremely unproductive, but so so fun and happy-ing. 7-11 mashed potatoes are quite nice! even if it looks disgusting. =p okay i'm really going to go jump around... with my dogs who i suspect are still gay but the most hyper people around my house. nite

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