Tuesday, October 26, 2004

butterfly in a hurricane

a little research on stamps.

35c stamps are really bitter
50c stamps are large and largely tasteless
75c stamps rock! they're sweet hahaha
1 dollar stamps are pretty nice too, but it's less sweet than the 75c ones, and you can sorta taste the gluey stuff.
stamps may be fattening and only lick stamps in moderation, lest your tongue become numb and fall off
lastly try not to waste time licking stamps if you've got chem pract on thursday, especially if you're not even the one who needs them =)

and so my day was productive in a stamp licking/sticking sense. did very little; 'visited' my juniors at the rj track hahaha and the only running i did was from the 3rd floor to the track and from the track to the concourse. saw tabi, that was good, and refreshing. and YAY! i can't wait to go dragon boating!! never been dragon boating but argh it sounds so exciting! right now, btw, anything not related to studying is gonna amuse me to no end. can't wait... jm reminded me, one more month!!! psyche up! one more month and we're done =)

wonder why the j1s (the few who turned up) seem so lethargic. i'm disappointed. there's a general lack of drive, determination, discipline and soul, and it's translated pretty apparently in the way they stroll around. perhaps there's something i've missed but it sure looks terribly disheartening from where i am. if i can notice it, imagine the people who have invested so much into this cca. a team isn't a team when only a few people are willing to move; i've always thought spirit's infectious... psyche up!!

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