Friday, October 29, 2004

the day of the broken coffee bag

followed my mum to work one day to keep her company, had lunch with her and poof i got new slippers =) i really only wanted those flip flops that cost less than $5, but ended up getting damn nice teva ones!!! i'm so =) of course to enjoy slippers you must have nice feet and an occasion to wear them - i wore them to school today cos was too lazy to put on socks and shoes haha. i think i'm taller and cuter just padding around in them. i feel like i'm walking on clouds. you know what? i think you were slippers in your past life; it's exactly how i feel when i'm with you (except the cuter part hahaha) hahaha and, i like to step on you =) argh. what a strange confession.

sylvester lives near my mum's clinic!! heehee, i shall follow her to work more often and hang out in jurong. and you were right, for some stupid reason i just melted into a puddle. it's the song la, it's not all thanks to sylvester (he started out, as usual, wobbly, and looked off) made my heart melt.. sighs. please, future husband of mine, sing romantic songs to me hor! =) aiya anyway, i voted for sylvester haha. i don't know why so giggly and high now, been sleeping since 3. was supposed to go to country club and mug but overslept and my parents left without me *bleah*

hahaha spastic jeremy came from ghim moh bearing bags of hor fun, coffee and otah. we descended upon the otah like locusts/my family while he had his coffee. as he was walking around, sipping from his straw. kenneth saw a steady stream of coffee flow out of his plastic bag and down near kenneth's bag- but unfortunately right on to clara's bag. luckily kenneth started yelling, if not jeremy wouldn't have known since there wasn't any noise (cos everything was spilling on clara's poor bag) he frantically evacuated her bag and desperately tried to dry it... but clara came back before it could dry, with an angry boyfriend. hilarious i tell you that guy is just spastic. juline and i kept laughing till we cried =p

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