Saturday, October 30, 2004

good souls

in your sight, the world is like a grain of dust, tipping the scales
like a drop of morning dew falling on the ground

once a week now, since i opened my big mouth a fortnight ago, my family goes to st joseph's. my big brother goes to the shelf and gets the hymn books then we all sit at the 8th pew from the front, on the left isle of the centre block (if you ever want to look for us) unless it's reserved by others. we snigger at the choir people who go out of tune the moment they start trying to sing, nudge each other when the priest mispronounces stuff (children must be respectful to their payyrents etc etc.) and laugh at each other when someone nods off in a weird position. other than that though, we generally pay attention as best as we can and reflect on the father's anecdotes and advise. then we sing some songs, snigger summore at the choir and pray for them to get better voices soon. there's a lead singer we call krusty the clown cos her hair's like krusty's hahaha. every opportunity i get, i pray for friends, family, loved ones, their health and happiness, and good business for working people. world hunger and suffering to disappear. good grades for exam-takers, discipline, determination and good luck with the A's and uni applications. this weekly trip to the humongous but not rich church of mine gives me a chance to relax, reflect and recharge myself for the coming week. i never appreciated this sanctuary till recently. quite happified now.

aside from the recent events leading to temporary insanity and paranoia, i'm very relaxed. hahaha.

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