Monday, November 01, 2004

the grudge

1900hrs. dinner comfortably digesting away and brain not psyched to study just yet. so i took out ju-on the vcd. popped it in the won-in-a-lucky-draw dvd player, and patiently read the warnings about copyrights. then without warning, there were gory shots of some insane guy with a penknife and a cat somewhere in the picture. i watch for a while, watching my feet every half a nanosecond.
1901hrs. tv remote in hand and feeling powerful and scared, the screen goes blank and i watch the timer on the dvd player till i'm certain the scary part's over.
1903hrs. some scene at a welfare centre and rikka (some girl, i think she was introduced in the front, which i didn't watch) goes to visit this house. the house is in a mess and there's creepy music. okay i panic and can't find the mute button so i close my eyes, grab a pillow and shout for my brave brothers to watch with me. obviously, no one comes. not after i told one of them i dreamt i killed him with a plutonium gun last night.
1904hrs. i open ONE eye and bleah a hand pops out and touches rikka's foot. the tv remote works its magic and the screen goes blank yet again. i think of the ring (watched with hon - remember how we almost ran out) and sprint to my room. tadah that's the end of ju-on for me. oh dear i think i forgot to switch off the dvd player. nvm.

WOAH. what a display of bravery. in a short span of 4 minutes, i have trained my vocal chords to reach a whole new octave, cured myself of lethargy, exercised a bit and rested my eyes. the wielding of the remote was so beautiful, and never before have i been so keen to drown myself in books for fear of using things with screens big enough for people to crawl out of. very good. i have kinda psyched myself to mug now =)

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