Wednesday, November 03, 2004

why are all the good ones gay

argh sadness times infinity la... this morning i received news of the tragedy. my dear takeshi kaneshiro may be gay *sobs*
//EDIT// oh. kel just told me he's bi. ohno!!! twice the competiton hahaha i'm mad btw.

haha anyway it was spastically interesting today. went with jm to go make ez link and weikeong came along and was coincidentally going to get his card repaired too. so we decided to drop the cards off, go for lunch then come back to collect. we smartly voted to go to biopolis to have food, cos some bright person said the food's great. so we walked and walked and walked. got to moe, got a bit lost, got very scared that we'd all die before lunch cos of the enormity of the freaking place. we had to climb a hill to get to the foodcourt. but it was good! and there's a great indian stall where the cooks are volunteers, and the menu has no price cos you order what you like and give as you wish (all for a charity) cool right, maybe i'll go help out there one day. spent 2 entire hours out of school and lost all mood for studying.

but still i did bio. hah! =) anyways, that's not the interesting part. fast forward to evening. i had a great idea of taking a picture of the poem on the toilet door, so borrowed jm's phone but the resolution was bad, and the poem very very long. so haha since the school's empty, they went into the girl's toilet and read the stupid poem. when i shouted to them to hurry get out, they thought i was a teacher =p the other adventure we had was at night. everyone needed to pee real bad so me weikeong and jm traipsed down the corridor toward the totally dark toilet. those stupid pigs decided to scare me by *guesswhat.. drumroll* suddenly running away. WAH i was so scared. right whatever. i just kept walking but started screaming cos i saw a lizard haha =p then weikeong *tried* to be sarcastic and asked if i wanted to go exploring and i said yes. haha but they chickened out!! wth =)

later when we returned to the benches (cos those chickens didn't wanna go exploring with me!!) we were seriously swarmed by flying ants and creepy insects. squawked and flailed our arms around, with jm dying and cursing really loudly cos something kept disturbing his precious hair. so we surrendered and retreated to the canteen. bleah. it's okay i got a ride home from jm's parents. the things they said after i left are still making me laugh out loud. but i'm glad to have made a decent impression. hm but it is rather telling if we're mistaken twice in 2 days. maybe one day la. okay night!

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