Saturday, October 16, 2004

fare well

highhhhh! :)
last night was so fantastic! even though it was overshadowed by the fact that we'll be going our separate ways very soon, it was just great seeing everyone together, taking many many many pictures and just laughing the night away. the assembly was kinda boring, but of course john's speech at the end was nice (he has such a lovely voice!!) when we started singing if we hold on, i saw daph yoke yh and qinghan migrating to the other side of the hall and followed them so we all ended up with the rest of the touch ruggers. so touching =)
then we took pictures with mr yeo! that man is so terrible and kept refusing to take more pictures with us... camera shy i think. and he keeps giving guai lan answers to our guai lan questions. heehee don't you just love him :) the batch photo was just useless. im sure you can see each and every one of us in the dark, especially if we're so short! bah and the whole night was full of devious plots from sauyee and i dunno who else... =p and oh goodness i'm very short. had a lot of problem taking pictures with the tall ppl like gabriel and tzemeng. bah.

eventually, we very slowly snuck off to nicholas's father's restaurant (we signed up for ora on the way out and later had to convince the nice cab driver to take 5 girls) okay listen, all of you must go to serangoon gardens/maju road to eat at momiji restaurant. it's really amazing! the manager or whoever kept asking "mr tan" if we wanted more stuff, and kept shovelling "complimentary" sashimi plate/appetizer/desserts on our table. first time i ate sashimi - my parents don't patronise jap restaurants except to eat teppanyaki every 20? years. their mochi dessert is fantastic! but i think i've got a sore throat from eating too much =( that reminds me. today marks the start of my eat in moderation plan!

look at all the food we ate!!!

i really will miss people/things in rjc. but life goes on and this is just the beginning. may all my friends do well, stay happy and healthy, and live a fruitful and meaningful life =) love ya guys so much!

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