Thursday, October 14, 2004

thicker than water.

so happy for ms neo! i saw a photo of her taken on teacher's day, she was enormous and looked ready to burst heehee =p anyway wah so cool, her kid's name is zechariah! okay nvm, i'm not in a gushing mood, not as compared to last night when i got the sms.

jo came over today to mug. we did about 20 minutes of work, had a truckload of lunch and very promptyly fell asleep. actually i got back to work, wrote the words 'gene therapy' on a piece of paper and then went to sleep right after. we slept for like 2 hours plus hahaha. pigs. but we studied like mad for a few hours and then played crazy lazy badminton. half the time arguing who was nearer to the shuttlecock (whoever's nearer should pick it up hahaha) and the other half screaming cos the shuttlecock flew dangerously near dog poop. it was spastic-ly fun and i just love anyhow whacking air and managing to hit the shuttlecock across the car porch.

okay i never though i'd say this but i think i will try to eat less. TRY. people must stop feeding me! zhimin for some reason finds it hilarious to put food in front of me cos it just disappears even if i say no dowan. okay i will start this eating less thing on saturday cos of the wonderful treat from nicholas tmr. yay we love you nick. okay maybe i won't eat less less LESS, i will just eat in moderation, not so fast, and not so often =p oh this was caused by the tailor saying that i wasn't fat but when she poked my stomach she had to change her mind. bleah.

hm, blogs are dangerous, especially if you're working for like the government/army and they're just out to pick on you for some reason or another. lucky i'm a girl, and have no employer as yet. just in case, i adore/admire/love the government/army they do quite a good job despite everything. i've learnt that family members are vital. they support you no matter what shit life throws at you. it's just painful to watch parents suffer. honestly, it's sheer torture. sighs i wish i could do more. blood really is thicker than water. but hey my best friend's my family too so, :) don't know what i'd do without jo. love ya babe.

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