Wednesday, October 13, 2004

mugging nights

after klassie took a bath (not by himself la) and smelt so good, he ran into a bush that had recently been pesticide sprayed. oh my god, what a stupid thing to do!! thinking of tailoring a dress for grad night... but out of ideas and out of shape =p been going to rj to mug the last 2 days. it's quite good. even though jeremy keeps frowning at me, and mr weikeong's strange opinions on girls/guys are kinda freaking me out. the night air is cool n the mosquitoes dun normally bite these days. hai. the rest of my life's not worth blogging about, especially when it's all just (trying to) mug.

anyway, i think i've settled into a friendship pretty nicely. what started out a little dubious has ended up really comfortable. after all, is there any harm in having fun? and don't say you've never done that before because i'm sure, in one way or another, you have. perhaps people should stop judging me for who i sit with, and see what we really are. it's a beautiful thing, a friendship with chemistry (not the subject) and lotsa laughter :)

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