Friday, October 08, 2004

in the mt sinai campus

the school day ended at 3pm instead of the usual 430 cos everyone was impatient to get away from the stinking ts and got mr yeo to come to class early, during our surprisingly long break. daryl and i very very slowly made our way to the concourse to wait for my mum to come. wah she was wearing damn funky gucci sunglasses, that rich woman haiiii.. =p dropped daryl off and went to buy lana cake BUT those people were swamped with orders and told us they weren't selling unless we ordered yesterday. nvm, greenwood area's really very ideal for a home. i think i'd want to buy a house there if i had enough money. there's a wonderful swiss bakery there with tonnes of meat! and stuff from switzerland/germany like movenpick ice cream =)))

//EDIT// everything's too complicated on the outside, yet i see it very simply from my pov. and still i won't do shit about where/who/what i am. haha. i may be commitment phobic you know. i'm also scared of boring people/being bored. and i have separation issues! =) i'll make a terrible gf haha. nvm. there's no hurry, i think, i hope =p

throughout the day so3i was completely restless, or restful (with respect to nicholas the guy who desperately needs sleep cos of horrible SATS2) and kept bugging teachers to stop going through the stupid papers. i will never forget edwin lim's expression when we very mercilessly teased him about his friend who happened to be a girl hahaha. thoroughly =p i will seriously die if it's actually pronounced "ta-ruff". hahaha. breaks were aplenty and we were kinda sick of it, to be absolutely honest. i had nothing to do cos i dint bring work so we just made do with my teeny weeny camerawithnozoom. took our legs, the stinking ts, the graffiti on the wall (it was orange but someone white washed the graffiti, and some other ppl wrote on the white wash... well done) etc. click here! then went totally nuts with junming cos it's already the last day and he still dint have a proper shot of me on his handphone. refused to stay still while he took a pic and we ended up looking like crazy idiots running round a pillar, and the stupid picture doesn't do me justice!! so unphotogenic =p

we stayed in the ts the entire day cos the labs were closed cos of the *gasp* practs coming up. bleah. but it was fun. could hear people talking all the way from the toilet, and daryl said she could make out individual voices from so far away ahaha. i'll miss the noisy aka vibrant class of mine. imagine last year when i really didn't care, and now that i do, i feel so cheated that i allowed myself to miss so much of jc life. moving on, we started the day pretty sadly, with hodge announcing that today's the last day and cos of that we made announcements first and sang the national anthem later. it's probably the last time we'll be singing it. i'd have thought more people would sing, but nvm.

oh btw singapore idol was quite good yesterday! hopefully the people who deserve to stay on will stay on. and they should totally donate all the money from the calls/sms-es to charity. yupyup. hai. byebye it's dinner time, sort of.

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