Wednesday, October 06, 2004

spastic dream

last night i had a dream, not the strangest, but close enough
it was just black, like i was asleep - ya i was asleep in my dream...
and there was a big word that just kept playing, round and round my head. it was swimming in and out of my ears, like a lost goldfish, like a marquee on a computer at best denki
it wasn't spelt out, nor was it said out loud, it.was.just.there.
i don't really know how to spell it, and was just only informed of what it actually is. i thought it was a kinda alligator or caterpiller, but probably neither cos it's such an unanimated word.
which kept playing back and forth in my head.
that was my dream. thank you, i am strange.

woah got back prelim results. i must study! actually they weren't bad, and my parents didn't scream at me cos chem papers are reputably difficult (meaning some friend's kid who was in rj told them chem papers v difficult and not to expect an A from me) except for my hugely careless math paper where all my mistakes were due to mixed up - and + signs!!! argh *tears hair out* i was quite expecting worse. so, i shall type less and read more from now. and go dogging (jogging with the old senile dog) if we're up to it. after a while we start to die and just pretend to be waiting for each other to recover before heading home.... bye =)

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