Sunday, October 03, 2004

sunny days

i signed in thinking i had something to say, but i turned around drank some water and completely forgot what i wanted to write. is it just me or does everyone have sudden memory losses? maybe mine are a hell lot more frequent =p btw i miss sunny and xizhen, they make a good gang =) can never forget their conversations in german which i never understood.

it's raining quite heavily. the funny thing about having so many windows in your room/house is the different views. as i sit facing the computer, from each corner of my eyes (i only have 2 hahahaha sorry i have a strange sense of humour today) i see 2 contrasting pieces of scenery. my left eye sees water drip drap dropping from the green roof tiles of my house, a drenched mynah sitting on the tv antennae thingy, and cerulean sky with fluffy white clouds. my right eye sees a dense jungle of trees from the ex hostel, their crowns framed by a deep blue grey sky, a blanket of clouds. the air's stale and not a leave rustles, lower down there's a yellow palm tree (yellow cos it's dying i think) now there's thunder rumbling like my stomach during lectures. i dunno where it's coming from and i get sick of the 2 windows.

ooh pictures are out. here are shots of my lovely 412, notice there's only 10 girls (and 1 jon haha) next time i want everyone to turn up!!

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