Friday, October 22, 2004


bright and sunny day as we walked into rjc, jo in her slimming rgs uniform and me dressed as a xiao bai cai. the goodie bag was kinda disappointing, to put it very kindly. and HELLO! are you guys crazy? giving away nice raffles jc bricks to sec4s, when tonnes of j2s would love to take it back as a farewell gift. wth, very angry with them! unless of course they've got more to give us la =P

sat at the 3rd floor benches as usual after changing to rgs uniform, but had to run out to pass something to my brother. as i ran out, people asked me why i was leaving rjc so soon hahaha. studied as much as i could with the (very bad) music blaring, then we decided to go walk and look for free food. didn't find any but had a shot at archery... was fun, i can shoot!! :) took numerous pictures and we're VERY CUTE in rgs u okay =P and oh shit, today stupid jm told me go use the staff toilet (i don't even know why... argh so stupid) and i did but when i got out this teacher started scolding me about this being the staff toilet. thank god i was in rgs u. hope she thinks i'm my sister if i ever see her again.

had a humji walk to jelita and chickened out about 30 m away from jelita, not wanting to risk anything, we took a cab to hc. a waste of money, but it probably saved my life. i'm scared shitless of a person i never spoke to, and seldom meet.. it's so stupid =( hc was definitely more vibrant than rj. perhaps it was the time of the day... and the stupid people recognised us as j2s so all i could get was one gift bag. it rocks! there are freepost-it pads, their nice calendar which i use every year, and coupons =) unlike the skimpy bag from rj with only newater and a very old edition of an rjc phamplet/booklet. then it thunderstormed and i had to go home.

ran into zhuang hui. look at him acting cute. look at me being cute. wah so ego these days... think it's jo's fault. and xizhen! =)

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