Tuesday, October 19, 2004

miss gatsby

haha lemme spoil the show for you. yoanna the gorgeous babe wins! =)

what am i doing awake now? finally got rid of the wax in my hair. someone very excitedly helped me TRY and spike my hair tonight. it stood like 2 feelers for a second but by the time any digital camera/phone was pulled out, it flopped back down and hardened there and then. since perserverance is a virtue, we tried again but managed to get it looking like a bad fashion statement. then a bright idea: i know, let's take bigger clumps of emily's hair!! i promptly refused, thank you very much. before that we were slacking the entire day/afternoon/evening/night away. goodness, when we were talking rubbish an hour flew past. then we did chem and after an exhausting half a question, we realised only 15 minutes had gone by. wth, lousy relativity =( and urgh, wax is terrible... i don't know what's so good about it, yet.

is it a common thing to break zips? apparently it is :) there's something new i learnt today. and the fact that i laughed from the concourse all the way to the 3rd floor is a big feat considering how much i laughed. okay it's a bad situation to be in, but what you do about it is what counts. hahaha. hope it gets mended soon. maybe =p btw the macs savoury grilled burger is damn good! it's pretty cheap and the bread's cool and very very importantly, it has ZERO PICKLES! ladida, don't know why i'm still awake. i nap between revision classes/boring notes... and i've been accustomed to falling asleep only at 4am the past week days so i might as well do some work in bed and hope to knock out earlier. nites

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