Sunday, October 17, 2004


had the most cathartic shouting session. from maybe 1230 to almost 2am, look at the time. sparked off by the very thing that caused all the world wars that we know of, the tv remote. somehow, i dun really know how, it ended with, don't take drugs. i think it was most useful for me, out of the 5 people in my immediate family, because i got tens and thousands of things out. and haha no one could stop me cos i was a bawling idiot. haha i look damn ugly when/after i cry. i should take a picture but my hands are tied =p

*aiya forgot to tell my brother to not keep taking my cup. KOR, stop taking my cup! i need to drink from it and half the time i can't find it so i become dehydrated and deranged, see ->> O_o'

family is family and good friends are good. if not for them i don't think i'd survive life. sometimes it's not always the people you see me with that matter most (well, admittedly sometimes they are) but who is left standing by you after the world has crumbled into dust. good friends offer their houses just in case you wanna run away from it all and don't mind sleeping on mattresses =) i love you! you'll know who you are if you read this. days like these make you realise how stupid you are to cling to the petty details you can't forget. ex-friends (i don't mean kai) can go and die now and i wouldn't even be decent enough to feel bad about saying you should go die now. ha. okay i'm mad. i think i'm in need of water (:

after all the crying and screaming and sobbing, i've run out of tears but adrenaline is keeping me from sleep. i've come to appreciate how fun, if you can call it fun, it is to do this once in a long while. i'm very possibly a closet troublemaker, and somewhere in me i'm probably very stressed haha. fighting/screaming/yelling may not be very good for blood pressure, or if you wanna live to a hundred and ten, but it's good for the mind, to just say whatever and have people not scold you for it. was damn edgy cos of photosynthesis i think. stupid RuBP haha. but now very good, feel so light headed (maybe cos it's so late) goodnight.

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