Friday, November 12, 2004

apollo bags!

in the midst of the A levels, i spent a day shopping. it was a fantastic day, with the great company of kumweng and his strange fetish for good shoe shops. no we dint even step into a shoe shop, but we did look at a great many bags. only because we had to convince him that the bag he bought was the best =) and apparently no one wants to go to orchard anymore. it's friday, it's after lunch, and orchard road looks like sunday at a school. impulsively bought before sunrise the vcd. it better be good!

argh so pising off. lemme tell you what i learnt today. don't EVER try to put on earrings standing over a basin. even if the mirror's the best in your entire room, you run the risk of dropping something valuable and never getting it back. argh. bah. ack! oh. hm.. i had a lovely dream of seeing patients last night. one day. soon!

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