Thursday, November 11, 2004


i'll stop the world and melt with you
sigh. good thing you don't read this, or else i'd have nowhere to vent.
the word rabbibear has been in my head for like the entire day. hahaha.
what's wrong with me. imagine if i went to hc
then seniors wouldn't have happened.
then it would've been fantastic.
it's so terrible how geography and pms can change your life so drastically.
bah you lousy pok, why must everything be so final *bish*

hmm, fighting sure sounds fun. maybe later, hon. hahaha :D
but then again, i don't have a death wish. so, must pick fights wisely.
wah i sound so philosophical, but actually am not haha.
wth irritating. what's with all the sneaking around behind ppl's back!
rather indignant on your behalf.
where's the "trust, honesty and communication"
where's the "passion and crazy obsession"
that an ideal relationship should have.


wish i were a guy,
or at least that i went to hc before i met more people.
i don't mind being anti social, just as long as i were back with you.
and not in the middle of a lukewarm couple
who's indecisive and suspicious.
wah biang, super pissing off. *raaaa*

supper at chatterbox last night. let's see what i ate. more like scrounged around, cos i dint order much and decided to scavange from the rest of the family. had a club sandwich, a mandarin burger, wan tan mian, satay, cheng tng, chendol, coconut ice cream (it's great!!) wah. it was really good. been a long while since i went somewhere fancy. but i went in slippers haha. ahh big big meals are coming one after another. tomorrow's a wedding dinner and somehow people are obsessed with shovelling food on to my plate. though i'd rather save money and stay home or go to some hawker centre, this was a good supper. and hehe we had a hundred dollar voucher to splurge. and, saw chrissy poo! what an awful nick name =p

i like jason mraz, for some time now. it's just no one ever talks about him so i never did too =p
and, ahhh i want to play touch! more than i wanna go for judo. beach touch sure sounds like fun, just that the last time i played something on a beach, my feet died a terrible death.

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