Wednesday, November 17, 2004

bauble... what a funny word haha

in the midst of the A levels, i put up a christmas tree.
it's the same old tradition. once orchard road lights up, we'll slowly get used to the idea that christmas is nearing and eventually remember to one fine day take out the the decorations and tree parts to assemble.
remove the pussy willows from the big pot near the bar counter (the place near all the food) and there at the bottom of the pot lie all my nyps uniforms, put to good use now, to secure the tree. put the tree together, branch by branch. when that's done it's just madness draping angels, balls and stars on it.
there's some skill involved. you cannot put too many gold glittery baubles together in one corner (i don't think there are corners on trees but nvm) or you'll die of gaudiness, and you must know which branch to put what on; there must be a somewhat even distribution of christmas-ey things and colours of the accesories cannot clash. of course the heavier ornaments like socks and whatnot go to the bottom branches while the myriad of smaller trinkets go on top. it really doesn't matter what you put, as long as it looks nice, is slightly relevant to christmas (or not. i have a moose and that purple creature from macdonalds hanging somewhere) and lastly, we have the star right on top! you need a real tall person, or just someone with long hands, or a smart person with a ladder/stairs, to place it there. then say a prayer (for good health and happiness, and 4As) and make a christmas wish. nice! :)
christmas is far away, but it excites me to no end. the idea of getting presents is delightful, but it's more of the way that people automatically think of peaceful thoughts, smile a bit and love more, that's heart warming. hai. why can't christmas hurry and arrive and the A's hurry and end. really bad english but who cares. physics tomorrow argh! =( byebye

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