Friday, November 19, 2004


mr wong: "roods, when you build roods..."
jeremy: "huh what roods? build what roods? what the hell are roods?!"
mr wong: "you know, R-O-A-D-S, roods, rooooods"

hahahaha i can't stop laughing now. and i'm all alone in my room.
it will never stop being funny.
hon you now have more reason to laugh at him.
mr wong was trying to explain how building roads affects the economy.
this subsequently led to millions of other really badly pronounced english words (unscrApulous, and more) that got us dying from laughter for about half an hour.

macs delivery service is quite bad, but at least they let you know you'll hafta wait 45 minute for breakfast. seeing as ghim moh macs is less than 5 minutes away, i really have no idea why we (mr gn and co.) were so lazy haha. but it was fun, and i haven't had a big breakfast (which incidentally got smaller since the last time i had it) in very long. hahaha and i hope jieming isn't still pissed at me insulting the hand that feeds me hahaha.

what can i say. royally screwed up chem mcq, i think. nvm the rest was good. have managed to push everything from my room to david's room without breaking any bones. cleared most of my files/stacks of worksheets/notes when i saw a cockroach running about. not after screaming like those young girls swooning over sylvester =p heehee i voted for him last minute-ly. yes nick, i cannot find a replacement for the word so i'm sticking to it.

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