Sunday, November 21, 2004


i found a rose petal. the only rose petal in my room since i threw everything away.
got it on vday. *smiles*

still remember how the day went. it was super romantic okay.
physics lesson in ts15. suddenly this girl knocks on the door, walks in and hands me a rose saying oh this is from gabriel. i had to clarify that he wasn't my bf or anything haha so funny. but i still love him =)
touch dinner after training. the rose kept de-petal-ing all the way from rj to ghim moh.
tabi picked the last petal from the floor and told me to just keep it.
so it's been neatly pressed in my bio tys till i started flipping through it last night. hm that shows exactly how often i take out my bio tys =p

ohmyshit! today was easily the most embarrassing day ever. was in my oldest, most oh-biang clothes from primary 4 or sth in the garden with my dogs, singing very loudly and lousily some tune-less version of dang ni gu dan. then i see someone walking from the direction of the hostel, and carry on. shouted to my dog to do his business somewhere so it's easier to pick up (only not so civilly) and as he comes closer, i realise who it is. too shocked to do anything. then for the next 5 minutes i blush so badly i hafta go in and drink water. so stupid wth. sth wrong with me. that was mother uncool. i shall comb my hair more, wear less sloppy clothes and stop talking to my dogs so loudly.

gosh. hit by nostalgia, i miss running and shouting and hahaha would you believe it, backing 5, i miss the feel of the odd shaped ball. i miss my touch team. i miss HIM. no not Him, or him, i miss him, and him

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