Wednesday, November 24, 2004


i have a confession to make
you know last time, once upon a time, i liked to type nonsense into my msn window. and you typed gibberish, along with all the cryptic stuff you used to say. i don't think i can ever forget.
remember when you very casually said oh now you use your head to type
i was so compelled to do it, i dint even think twice. i really did it but denied it, naturally
i went so far as to say i dropped my pencil case on it instead and laughed at you even after you admitted to using your head *guilty*
the next thing i did soon after, was to try it out with a real pencil case (it doesn't make the same sequence of rubbish as my head did - on the keyboard i mean)
don't care if you don't read this. i just needed to vent a bit cos i miss the old days. i don't want to be someone whose life gets so bad that her only good days are the old days. bah. help O_o"

don't know whether to call it stubborn-ness or stupidity or gut instinct. i can't get over it. all i know is i can't get it to go away, the memories, the laughter, the cards and letters, the ring which i lost cos i kept it too well (fish.) wah lao. tell me to grow up and slap me. just don't walk past like a stranger.

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