Saturday, November 27, 2004

unexamine my life

anybody recognise this poem? er no prizes for guessing... maybe a hug haha.

day dream delusion
limousine eyelash
oh, baby with your pretty face
drop a tear in my wineglass
look at those big eyes
see what you mean to me
sweet cakes and milkshakes
i am a delusion angel
i am a fantasy parade
i want you to know what i think
don't want you to guess anymore
you have no idea where i came from
we have no idea where we're going
launched in life
like branches in the river
flowing downstream
caught in the current
i'll carry you. you'll carry me
that's how it could be
don't you know me
don't you know me by now

hai i can't fall asleep so i shall bore you to death. maybe i'll put up a nice picture at the end =)

1) first grade teacher's name: mrs eu
2) last word you said: no (mum wants me to wake up at 8am tmr)
3) last song you sang: santa claus is coming to town
4) last thing you laughed at: dad
5) last time you cried: tuesday morning... nightmare
6) what colour socks are you wearing now: transparent socks. not wearing socks la.
7) what's under your bed?: dust. monsters. dust monsters?
8) what time did you wake up today: 1014am
9) line from the last thing you wrote to someone: love, emily

1) current hair: messy
2) current clothes: brother's shirt, rj sweater, pyjama pants (haha don't judge me k, it's extremely cold in my room)
3) current jewelry: nuffing
4) current annoyance: awful skin
5) current smell: nice!! =p okay my shampoo
6) current longing: for monday to be over without having to sit for bio s
7) current desktop: jason lewis (keep reading, you will be rewarded)
8) current worry: med school interviews
9) current favourite article of clothing: incredibles shirt or my new slippers!!
10) do you currently like someone: i always like someone.

1) what is your career going to be: i wanna be a doctor =) it's like the only thing i'm sure of in life
2) if you could live anywhere in the world, where: right here's fine. switzerland, new zealand, hawaii.. just dreamin' i want a penthouse to fly kites with my best friends on windy mornings.
3) how many kids do you want: can't decide. at first i wanted 2, then 4, then 3. let's concentrate on getting married first okay
4) what kind of car will you drive: anything. bicycle!!

1) favourite physical feature on a girl: the line of her hip
2) favourite physical feature on a guy: eyes, smile
3) one person you wish was here right now: no doubt about it. 172!! (sorry jo, you don't hafta go army la)
4) favourite author: can't decide, bill watterson
5) favourite coffee: NONE!! unless it's spiked haha kidding
6) favourite smell: food duh
7) favourite way to waste time: eating, tv-ing, computer-ing
8) favourite season: can't decide, can't you just love everything
9) favourite colour: can't decide, mostly reds and black
10) favourite time of day: no idea, you can eat anytime what right

1) how many coats and jackets do you own: too many, i can wear a diff jacket every day of the week, just that i'd die from overheating. it's one of the benefits of never growing and having a shopaholic mum.
2) do you wear a watch: yup
3) favourite pants colour: black
4) most expensive item of clothing: kilt. wore it once (oh dear)
5) most treasured: my new slippers!! heehee i do love them loads. and er, the rest of my stuff, don't get jealous k
6) gold or silver: silver/diamond? =p

1) do your friends know you: i sure hope so
2) what do they tend to be like: funny, wise, down to earth, driven, brilliant, caring, mostly supportive. they're all different, but we're all slightly mad. and succint! (hahaha)
3) can you count on them: forever
4) can they count on you: yup
5) do you find it hard to trust people: no, believe in the best of everyone

1) book you read: oryx and crake
2) movie you watched: (dvd) bourne supremacy, (cinema) incredibles
3) movie you saw in theatres: oh. see above.
4) show you watched on tv: friends (i want to be jennifer aniston)
5) song you heard: come home soon by pug jelly!!
6) thing you had to drink: sour plum juice. see la now i'm thirsty
7) thing you ate: chips
8) time you showered: before dinner
9) time you smiled: i just did =)
10) person you hugged: it's been too long don't remember. i am DEPRIVED!! oh i remember!! yunlei's stomach. but if you count dogs, my dogs la.
11) person you danced with: this is sad. jackie tan
12) person you talked to online: gabriel, oh look jo's here
13) person you talked to on the phone: mummy
14) thing you bought yourself: before sunrise vcd

1) smoke: no
2) do drugs: no
3) drink: nice drinks only
4) sleep with stuffed animals: have you seen my room?
5) have a dream that keeps coming back: more of a nightmare
6) believe there is life on other planets: it's possible k, i just read something on how adenine can be made from reaction of cyanide in the gas between stars and how meteors that crash here have organic molecules on them
7) read the newspaper: my brother reads it out loud
8) have any gay or lesbian friends: guess so
9) believe in miracles: yes
10) consider police a friend or foe: friend

1) do you have any regrets: yes
2) i am happiest when: i'm with the ones i love
3) i feel lonely: when i'm not with the ones i love, when everyone's in pairs and i'm not
4) what makes you mad: people talking too much when i watch tv, guys whining too much, smokers, perverts, insincerity, lukewarm-ness, sneaky people!!

1) what's the craziest thing you have ever done: ;) you'll never find out
2) any bad habits: too many, eating too much, cracking my neck, knuckles, toes, biting pens, biting my lip, stuffing myself, laughing too loudly, lack of self control
3) any secret crushes: not very secret, not very crushed ;)
4) do you think too much: depending on what i need to think about =p

okay for being so patient and cos i'm crazily in love with jerrod smith/jason lewis. how can anyone not be? ;)

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