Tuesday, November 30, 2004


feet are aching.
robinsons had a private sale and invited my mum. she helped jo get in too, so we had a ball of a time drinking the free wine and trying out bolsters =p
ate quite nice chicken cutlet at coro and landed up watching tv in the afternoon cos too full to move. bleah. sorry for the pangseh babes, =(
what a nice day to be bored and full. had great company and a whole lot of side bursting laughter. heehee quite exciting. to raid ppl's houses and catch them with messy rooms haha. anyway i think there's some gene in me that secretly wants to clean the whole world up. during the exam period my laziness overshadowed that gene, so i had piles of notes all over. but now the stress is mostly gone, this cleaning-up gene is just dying to go and clear up messes like eraser droppings on OTHER people's tables etc haha =)

lemme tell you about one of my favourite shows. the iron chef is a genius. i would marry him if not for the fact that my jap sucks, and he's old, and i'd never meet him :`(

oh serene. attachment in mid/late dec can?

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