Thursday, December 02, 2004


rummaging through all the old, incomplete photo albums
jo looked so skinny last time! *ducks*
and jackie tan's soooo fluffy and cute! feel like going downstairs to hug him.
and my brother is sooo adroable! *pinch cheeks*
argh too bad i don't have a scanner.

taufik won but sylvester didn't lose anything. still like sylvester's voice better, and his "i dream" was so beautiful =) i dun care, i want to be a screaming young girl, swooning over his floppy hair (heehee i don't like short hair that much, cannot mess it up la) and admiring his really good complexion instead of finding fault with his (really) bad diction. hai. i think i have a crush on him!

went to firefly with jo, walked through ikea and bought hon (hopefully, just a part of) her present =) don't expect much, mum's stopped giving me money. went home, got full and bored and we lugged everything from my house to hers. amazingly accumulated a whole lot in 2 days. collected her dress, rented dumb and dumberer and headed to her place. wah i think the less i do, the sleepier i get. cos i was soso tired after that. okay this isn't going anywhere. my dentist visit was normal and now i've got plenty of cement in my mouth. luckily it's sorta transparent, and very "not there" cos i'm already used to it being there.

met ms ning, and ming jing on the bus home today. such a lovely surprise. can't wait for tuesday's ms neo's visit. post A's has been rather lethargic. feel a bit sad this part of life is over. haven't really thought much about it being over, till i read some ppl's blogs. i can deal with this being our 18/19th year here; don't have to feel sad that it's over, or that the future's scary. with my friends, near or far away, it's all right with me, cos i know that we have one shot at life and the next decade will be even more exciting =)

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