Friday, December 03, 2004

three amigos

like some job attachment, i followed jm and his sister around the entire day :) passport making, lunching at nydc (free! due to cool vouchers... heehee so cheapo) and cutting hair. had a good chat with his sister and found out pretty embarrassing things hahaha *evil thoughts* aiya, for some reason right, floppy hair guys appeal to me (there are -always- exceptions to that though) think it has something to do with the way i like to muss up people's hair =p i think the way you interact with your family is a good reflection of how you will treat your future family, cos it shows what you've been taught and inculcated with (?) hmmm, if it's true, what a comforting thought *smiles*

successful shopping trip. exciting crystal tattoos! sore feet =/
and yay i know exactly what to buy tomorrow. so :)

kel's easy to talk to! it's very comforting to know your best friend's in good hands =)
i'm sleepy and the colleges i've talked to only have interviews in feb and march. wah. so much for my rescheduling it to jan. hope i don't hafta fly there and back 3 or more times. nitenite.

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