Saturday, December 04, 2004

here i go again

mama mia was just fantastic!! ha can you believe it i danced!! =p tried to.
sat in stall seats, next to these 3 people who looked like body guards. then we realised that the pm was sitting somewhere in front. wah so exciting. haha.
since it was the last night peope just went wild and the stage crew were really really good, just singing and dancing their hearts out. admittedly the way the songs are fit into the plot/ the plot's fit into the songs may be out of point at times, but wahhh it was fantastic =) wish those stupid body guards (they had 4 seats but only 3 people) would give up a seat, then i could've brought my grandma =(

anyways haiii, i dunno why everytime i talk to you, i feel i hardly know you, and you hardly know me. and i get pissed off! how come! wah lao. haha why am i complaining, bet you feel that way too.

can't wait for grad night! actually i'm more excited about dying hair later this evening and a dinner at lawry's. wooo lotsa beef *drools* oh there goes my plan of eating in moderation. anyways this morning my bed was possessed. the pillow kept sucking my head back in and the blanket refused to release its grip on me. argh i was stuck in bed till 1030. felt guilty cos jm said he'd drag his sister running this morning, and so i dragged jackie to jog with me. when i came home, some idiot confessed that his bed was possessed more evil-ly than mine =p nonsense hahaha. oh yes oh yes. i kept dreaming weird dreams last night/this morning. first was a whole group of hollywood hunks in my living room discussing something, tom cruise and brad pitt and my parents included. so i snuck upstairs to get my camera and coomb my hair or sth. when i came down though, brad pitt was in my car porch waving goodbye =( then the dream got cut halfway and i was in my prom dress at this shop buying a bikini, actually trying it on in a toilet where i could hear j-en's voice, and see meisi patiently waiting for an empty cubicle. strange, haven't seen them in years, nor was i close to them. then i had one last dream about gong fu fighting with my brother. eh, i seem to want to murder them leh, every dream involves at least one type of violence =p

okay i shall wash up and get ready to dye hair. bye!

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