Monday, December 06, 2004

tequila sunrise

grad nite was great :)

not counting the convention hall being turned into a ball room, the dinner we barely touched, the lecherous emcee, nor the crappy excuse of a V after that.
was smiling too much, i think i lost weight just moving around snapping away with cameras with ten thousand people. i thought i'd die from repeatedly holding my smile for the ten thousand cameras everyone whipped out for group shots =p finally got some sort of a touch, judo and 412 photo. good to see everyone gathered in a hall to NOT take an exam, and not in green and white. congrats to the prom queen and king who truly deserved it. my god, i think i would just die if someone did a keat loon for me hahaha.
boys looked so good in suits (most of them la. gabriel!! heehee and omg nikhil was so cool) and the girls were so gorgeous. heard some people trying to find synonyms for "pretty" to say to every girl cos really, everyone looked so good, and felt so happy now that most of the burden of mugging is gone. sunny looked so girly! and many more people were not surprisingly beautiful in their gowns and stuff. boys are so generous with their compliments, i got a bit high heehee. and all the girls kept oohing and aahing over photos and stuff. haiiii i will miss my dearest class and cca-mates. the commonest shirt colour was red, i think, and girls mainly wore black. but urgh, fucking dog tags. no offence to anyone who wore dog tags. but i'm not sorry *pbfttt*

had a ball of a time getting wasted with daryl and co. we wandered around so much, walked from suntec to raffles city, esplanade to boat quay or some quay till we landed up at some pub and just drank and watched sx play pool. nice ruiming bothered enough to send me to the room and darling kailyn [i love you!] took care of me while i almost died shivering under the blankets (i think i should swear off alcohol and coffee - i tremble and don't recall very much) oh yes! due to insufficient memory in my stupid card, anyone with photos of me or people i am obsessed with, send me pictures!! woo now that i don't need an even tan, i can finally go to sentosa (412 please please please can we go again? or anyone!)

urgh you know what. i went to work today. who says working for your parents is like not working at all? no way. i worked like an unrelated employee and froze to death in the dispensary, laughed like mad with the head nurse and just basically learnt a lot of stuff. but going back at night to my dad's clinic was terrible. my head was dying cos it was too repetitive and the atmosphere just was different and unfavourable. argh gonna go chill. later =)

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