Wednesday, December 08, 2004

half a sack of rice =)

i am suddenly very touched. actually i was very touched at about 4 something in the afternoon, but i've only got time to blog now so yeah.

today some of 412 went to visit ms neo and zachariah (spelling?) he's so adorable, got that weirdly scrunched up face, the softest hair ever and a spell over us all. tanhonlyn says she'll never have kids. ha. we'll see ;) but whatever it is, i sure don't want any stretch marks!! =( heehee all the time we were at her house, ms neo kept telling us to get married early and have kids. i think my mum would die, cos as long as possible, i'm sure she'd rather me not marry so early and seriously not have any kids right now. hahaha okay i'm just amused.

we had lunch at banquet at bugis. fish and chips and cute eyed jap guy just made the day better than it could've been. everyone went home to sleep after lunch except me and sunny. well except me, cos i followed sunny home!! haha talk about uninvited guest; i didn't get to clean up for her hahaha. it's so touching how there's complete trust, to bring someone to your home don't you think? yay ilovesunny! it's a new house, with a large space in the living room and a long corridor to do cartwheels in (i didn't, i don't think i can actually) then i was the first person to appreciate her new sofa wooo. see i told you i like to go house visiting!! =) and Then we walked to my mum's clinic. see, talk about trust, i don't think anyone's ever been there, except stephrene and nina (ohno i miss her!) and my mum was happily offering sunny cake and all sorts of free stuff from drug companies =p

i like being so happy over small things. when you write down your blessings, you'll never have to complain about life being sucky. there isn't a need for too much excitement, or too many people, or alcohol, or loud music, or sweat. just plain old friends. i'm so glad you guys came into my life =)

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