Friday, December 10, 2004

muscle brother's back

hahaha, i wanna go back and talk to ms neo and be around 412.

anyways, bleah... i am sick! *scratchy voice* only cos i work in my mum's clinic and i'm not pro at being resistant to pathogens like her =( it's awful i tell you. there's no fun being sick in the middle of your holidays. you can't have too much snacks or barbecued food, can't stay out too late, can't walk around much, can't go out in the sun too long blahblahblah. but nvm i'm happy today cos jm's back and i've got someone to talk nonsense to. and my mum's sweet, she got me tickets to quill and she's going with me cos NO ONE in my family will go with me.

went for the first part of hc prom, the part where everyone comes in and takes photos. got a few. i really really like zhui's stupid jacket/suit. so sad i missed the very shuai khoonliat, but i still managed to get a photo of him! ;) like in all proms, some people looked really glam while the minority just looked like hookers (once again, i'm not very sorry and it's not cos i'm in a terrible mood, i'm just bitchy sometimes.) *the next sentence is unrelated to the previous one. i only remembered on the bus home that i wanted to take a picture with kaisiang cos yeah, we don't have a photo together =(

one other thing, you shouldn't start working yet. it's the only long holiday you'll get so just have fun, unless work is fun la. k dinner!

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